List Celebrities Who Have Been Catfished


Being catfished is a phenomenon that is not limited to regular folks. Even celebrities are not immune from being duped online. That is just one more thing that proves that catfishing is very real. If you want to avoid being catfished it is time to take your online communications seriously. And we hope that a list of celebrities who got catfished, and their stories, will help you understand that being catfished is a very real possibility when you only talk to someone online.

1. Kate Gosselin

A star from Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin was tricked by a fan who told her a story about a dying daughter and her one last wish. She dedicated an entire episode of her show Kate Plus 8 to the girl, who was not real nor dying!


2. R. Prophet

The rapper fell in love with a girl he “met” online, but never saw or chatted with in person. It turns out that his online friend was not a beautiful young girl, but a middle-aged worker from Kentucky.

3. Manti Te’o

Everyone remembers the story about Manti Te’o and his supposedly terminally ill girlfriend. However, what is confusing about this story is that it appears Te’o was a willing participant in his own catfishing.

4. Meri Brown

An actress who was on Sister Wives on TLC, Meri Brown started talking to a man she met online. She felt a connection with him, but did not know that she was being tricked by someone who had an entirely different name and personality.

5. John Henson

The host from Talk Soup spent two whole weeks emailing back and forth with a young mother whose child had cancer. However, it turns out that he was communicating with someone who was pulling a scam on him.

6. Thomas Gibson

The actor supposedly fell in love with a young girl who kept sending him beautiful pictures online. Gibson spoke to her online for more than two years, but the girl was lying about her appearance, and a few other details too!

7. Pat McAfee

The football star began to receive tweets from someone who he thought was a young, beautiful woman. It turns out that he was communicating with someone completely different.

8. Little Big Town

The country music group was tricked into thinking that a young parent’s child was about to pass away. The scam was part of an effort to get money or favors from famous individuals. However, the group did not get duped out of anything more than a concert dedication.

9. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

One of the cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys’ squad spotted a handsome footballer during the pre-game festivities, and proceeded to find him on Twitter. However, she was communicating with someone completely different, who was attempting to scam her for favors.

10. Brad Paisley

Even famous singers are not immune. Brad Paisley and his wife heard about a little girl who had a terminal illness, and loved the singer’s music. They communicated with the girl’s mom, or at least someone who they thought was the girl’s mom.

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