litter-one-graphicsHaving three cats of mine own I was excited to get a chance to do a review for LitterOne . my three cats share two littler boxes and some times the smell gets overwhelming, I keep them clean all the time but 2 are stuck wanting to use the same one and the youngest one uses the one alone. So when I was contacted by LitterOne I jumped at it. The day it came we put it together and set it on the floor nine of the cats wanted anything to do with it, they are used to the clay litter, I decided to add some clay into it and see if that would get them to come to it, a couple of days passed and the only one who set foot in it was the baby cat shes the one who would she layed in it and that was it, she had me laughing. Then one day I came into the room and she was doing her business and I was happy now to get the other two to use it would be harder. I moved it into the second bathroom where the two of them use the litter box, the male went in ti and smelled it and he used it  but not princess she wants nothing to do with it at all. So out of the three 2 use it. I couldnt be  happier this is the easiest thing to use, all u have to do is pick up the cat poop and the moisture ones fall threw the holes to the bottom and I have cleaned the bottom  out a couple of times already.

Here is more on the benefits of pine pellets from the Litter One website:

  • Pine is natural and poses no threats to cat health and safety
  • Pine pellets absorb waste odors naturally leaving a pine scent
  • Pine pellets absorb 3X more urine and immediately neutralize ammonia
  • Litter One only buys from sources that properly manage natural resources
  • Litter One’s pine pellets, disposable litter box and accessories are from Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) approved sources
  • Pine pellets break down in less than two years leaving no environmental impact
  • Litter One products decompose and do not contribute to landfill waste
  • Our product is 100% eco-friendly and 100% safe for cats

I am very happy  with this and u all should check them out too



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