The first thing anyone does in the house is getting a cup of coffee, more than none. And the easiest way is using a K-cup. We love being able to try a new flavor every month, from Crazy Cups. This month we got to try out the Crazy Cups is CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE, and do we enjoy this flavor.


Chocolate and Rasberry all in one sitting, who can ask for more. The flavor doesn't overwhelm  you, just the right combination of the two flavors. Both of these flavors together bring you to a place of total happiness, where you can forget your troubles if only for a short while. Treat yourself to the exciting flavors chocolate and raspberry, to start your morning.

The Coffee cups contain only 100% coffee and artificial flavorings, Sugar-free, nuts free, no sweeteners, gluten free and they are KOSHER. Compatible with All Keurig K Cups® Pods brewer including the Keurig 2.0 brewer. Use cool-peel-recycle technology – The cups are recyclable.


Having made this recyclable is a great way, for us to keep the environment clean and healthy.  One of the best things I love about being, an ambassador for crazy cups is, we get to taste a random flavor every month. The flavor is a surprise to all and my husband just loves this one. They think the world, is a much better place with flavored coffee, and I have to agree with them. This is the reason they created crazy cups. So that person all over can experience what, a great cup of coffee is. They’re chock full of the flavored coffees you’ve come to love; they have something for everyone.



You definitely taste raspberry, it's not overpowering its quite nice and not bitter in any way. The chocolate adds a depth to it and overall the coffee itself is light and delicious.  They  got it all: coffee, decaf, teas, hot chocolates, and more. Make sure to check back. You won't want to miss each crazy new addition! Recyclable single serve coffee & Premium hot chocolate for your home and office brewer with flavors guaranteed .


Premium Hot Chocolate

Nothing like waking up to a great flavor and smell of freshly brewed coffee, before we even opened the box we were hit with this great smell and flavor. Can't wait to see what this month brings.

What would your favorite flavor be?

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