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Little Learning Hands For The Holidays! This Subscription Box Is What Your Child Will Want This Year…And The Next

I've talked about this subscription box company before, but this particular one teaches you about Germany and it would make a wonderful gift for the holidays!  It has so many fun activities stuffed into one box that your kids won't know what to do first.  Little Learning Hands is all about teaching your children other cultures.  I think that's a beautiful thing and we need more of that, especially right now.  This box brings us together and shows us our similarities and differences, but in a way that doesn't divide us.  As I said…it's a beautiful thing!

little learning hands

Travel The World With Little Learning Hands

Not only can kids use their imaginations with these awesome subscription boxes, but they can also create fun puzzles/art projects that will give them self-esteem.  Isn't that our job as parents or guardians?  To give the little ones a sense of confidence and independence that they can carry into adulthood.  That's certainly a priceless gift if you ask me.  My granddaughters loved the last box they received and they shared the activities.  The older one did an amazing 3D puzzle and the younger one got to paint a cool little backpack.  They absolutely loved it and I can't wait to give this to them!  There are so many fun things to accomplish.

The recommended ages for these kits are usually 6-12 years old, but as long as little ones have a parent helping, I'm sure they'd love to give their input too!  I know my youngest granddaughter did and she was only 2 years old at the time.  Now she is almost 3 and we will help her again with one of the activities.  The oldest will get to do the majority, of course.

little learning hands

What's In The Box?

This Germany box that I received has a ton!  Here is what you can expect: Play money, a “welcome to Germany” booklet, recipes, table talk flashcards to get everyone talking and asking questions, a cute painting with diamonds 3D Diamond Clock, a German flag, an amazing 3D puzzle of Brandenburg Gate, and as always, you will receive a paper explaining what you get, etc.

You can choose from monthly, every 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.  Obviously, the 12-month option is the best value for your money.  I sure hope you enjoy Little Learning Hands as much as we have!

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