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Little Mermaid Has come To Life


When my niece was younger, she wanted to be every princess she had dreams. One of her favorite movies of all time even now, and she’s grown up is Little Mermaid I have to admit me too.

She would imagine herself being a mermaid and being able to flap her tail. Now for all our little girls who want to be a mermaid, we have just the thing to turn them into the mermaid they dream of. Enchantails is just perfect for our little girls, to lose themselves in the world of make believe.

The beautifully vibrant slumber bags, crafted with lush, luxurious, COZY fabrics and glow-in-the-dark thread, will transform any child into the royal mermaid they dream to be, taking imagination and role play to a whole new level. The perfect gift for this holiday season, for birthdays and other holidays, and it can be used for play at home with siblings and friends, at sleepovers, or at Grandparents’ house. Wanting to be a mermaid just doesn’t go out of style.


The books, which each focus on one mermaid and an adventure in her realm, also introduce you to her sidekick Sea Buddy — each one is a different endangered or vulnerable species, based on where the mermaid lives. Angela — you appear to love animals, so this is a nice addition for you!



Have to admit I wish I were still young to receive this perfect present for any occasion. My younger niece will be more than excited when she, gets this on Christmas Day. She will have loads of hours playing with this and pretending to be a mermaid. The way these feels are so soft and smooth and will be, perfect for her and all her friends to try and share. Any little girl would be more than excited to wake up to this under the tree.


We had a Christmas Eve tradition we would all be able to get one gift, Nanny and Pa would come to the house, and Pa would be Santa, yes he scared me, and he would give us one gift. Imagine if we would have got this we would have been so happy. Wish they made this one bigger, I would be so happy cuddling in this.

Each elegant and plush Slumber Bag set includes: an adventure book, a carry tote (and easy storage), a decorator pillow, a slumber bag featuring glow-in-the-dark-thread, and wall decals featuring the Mermaids with their Sea Buddies. The first 3 of the 12 Enchantails Slumber Bag Sets – Mermaid Kelani, Mermaid Lucienne, and Mermaid Tasi – introduce kids to the magical world of Oceana and each royal mermaid’s respective Sea Buddy, encouraging adventure, exploration, and a little marine education in young minds. The sets can be purchased online at , , , and of course


One of our lucky readers will win a set of books , This 3 book set includes the adventures of Royal Mermaid Daughters Tasi, Lucienne, and Kelani. So enter below and good luck.

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