81Dx8iKAkHL__SL1500_   Little sprout baby print casting plaque kit. I have used a couple of casting kits. I have castes my sons hands and feet. I also have made pet casting kits. They are always so messy and so hard to work with. Not little sprout' s kit. Their kit comes with a special clay that is comprised of non toxic sodium align ate. A lightweight, foam like clay that is easy to use and air dries quickly and mess free. There is no mixing or baking required. as 007 This gender neutral kit includes pink, blue, and yellow ribbons. It is so easy and mess free to make impressions of your baby's hand or foot to make a beautiful keepsake. The kit also includes non stick dry clay, ring mold, rolling pin and design etcher. Everything you need is in the box. This is a great idea for a parent to be or grandparent. I love how easy and mess free it was to use this kit. For more information click here. 71o7loe8-WL__SL1500_

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