The Diono stow n go back seat organizer is a great way to put things away neatly in your vehicle.this organizer hangs from the seat. Has very large pockets to hold everything. There is a spot to hold a dippy cup. There are many items you can put in here. Books, crayons, toys, cell phone, wipes, tissues and much more.
My truck is not the cleanest from the kids bringing several items in the car each time.with this organizer that has deep pockets makes it easier to store my children's items. Instead of having them all over my vehicle. This organizer is made of waterproof fabric. Has utility pockets, cargo pockets, mesh storage pockets. The mesh pockets makes it easy to see what is in the storage pockets for easy storage and accessibility. This organizer also protects the back of your seat from your little ones feet. All children love to kick the backs of the seats while leaving foot prints all over the back of the seat. This organizer covers the whole back of the seat. The one pocket is big enough for my son to store his tablet in. Which makes it so much easier knowing he doesn't forget it on the seat and break it. This organizer is great. For more information click here.


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