If you're like me then you probably have a good half-dozen keys and key rings on your key-chain. More than likely there's at least one probably two keys that you have no idea where in the world they go to. I personally have multiple key-chains because they're cute and why wouldn't you? On top of all the keys comma and then add the discount key-chain cards library cards and whatever else may be hanging off. All of these things make your key-chain bulky and heavy and also way down on your ignition which could cause you problems later. Keyport has taken the bulk out of the key-chain. They have made the Keyport Pivot a multitool key-ring that takes all the bulk out of carrying a key-ring.

How does it work?
The keys are housed inside of the Aluminum Chassis on a pivoting pin that spins 360 degrees. On the same pin are all the customized inserts like the pen, flash drive. On the outside of the Chassis is the modular choices which include the pocket knife, LED Light or Light and Location TrackerCustomized Options
When you place your order you choose your Chassis color, black red, or gray. Then you pick your modual option: pocketknife, LED Light or Locator +LED Combo. Then you pick your inserts: Pen Insert w/Black Ink,USB Flash Drive – 8Gb, USB 3.0 Flash Drive – 32Gb,USB 3.0 Flash Drive – 64Gb, MOCA 10-IN-1 Multi-Tool, Griffin Stowaway Tool, Screwdriver Stowaway Tool, Pliers Stowaway Tool or Scissors Stowaway Tool. Finally you can decide to add the expansion pack for more key storage or not in red,black or gray.  My Keyport Pivot includes:
1. Pocket knife
2. MOCA 10 in 1 tool
3. Flash drive
4. Pen
5. 4-9 Key slots
6. Ble locator + LED Light
This of course is just one of the many Keyport options the best thing about keyport is it's custom features. Need more key space? Then you simply add an extension kit and voila you have more Key space. Any Dad would be super happy to have this replace his bulky key-ring. (Just don't forget you have a a knife on your keys when attempting to go into a court house for paperwork LOL). There's probably at least 10 reasons why but I think the Keyport Pivot is awesome! Dad will probably agree that there's quite a few more once he gets his hands on one!
Head over to mykeyport.com and check out the Keyport Pivot
Let us know what inserts and modules you would have in your Keyport
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