I keep my hair short.  I do not need thick crazy hair making me hot and making my neck sweat.  I end up pulling it up all the time and it ends up looking like a rat's nest.  It is totally unmanageable.  I have tried everything as far as conditioners, treatments, spent so much money trying to find something that would help.  It is just quite frankly easier to manage and I do not have to spend a lot of money or time on it.  There are times, however, that I want my long hair back.  Maybe I am going out somewhere special or wearing an outfit that looks really, really good with my longer hair.   I also have this pair of earrings that I adore that look so good but guess what, not with short hair.  I need the longer hair to really make them look great.  Unfortunately,  short hair does not grow that quickly and I am not waiting a whole year to be able to wear my earrings!



That is why I love Brazilian hair extensions Now I can have long hair whenever I want it and I do not have to wait for my own hair to grow.  The best part is, my long hair is always perfect.  If I want curly, I can have curly.  If I want wavy, I can have wavy.  If I want straight, then I can have straight.  It is up to me, and if I decide that I do not really want curly, then next time I can do something different. The hair is always thick, which is terrific, especially for people who have thinner hair and wish they could have such thick hair without spending a fortune trying to thicken their own hair.


It also looks so natural, and why wouldn't it.  After all, it is rebeccafashion so you are not dealing with any synthetic material here, and they have virgin human hair which means that the hair has never been processed which means that it is as pure hair as you could possibly get having never been treated! Plus I can have it as long as I want, so maybe just a little long, but maybe I want to have it really long!


Hair Bundle With Closure though is my favorite,  No muss, no fuss.  Nothing is easier and it takes me very little time to do and I can do it myself. Finding this to be something easy to use.

Now I do not have to worry because I am happy with my very short hair because all I need to do is grab some clip-in hair or extensions and I can transform my hair to exactly the way I want it without spending a fortune to get it that way because it will always look perfect every time!

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