Mohu Antenna

Mohu Antenna makes it so easy to pick up HDTV channels free! How great is that? My daughter just had wi-fi installed and they messed her cable up and it is going to be a little bit before they can fix this mistake. Mohu Antenna has fixed all of this for them. I can not believe how clear the channels are, I am considering getting another antenna for myself and saving on my cable bill.

Step aside, Rabbit Ears! Make way for the Mohu Antenna's. Top performing antennas that will allow you to receive the top 20 shows for FREE in full high 1080p definition. All of this has came about when one of the engineers decided to convert from cable to over-the-air broadcasting that we realized there are no high performance indoor antennas on the market. With the help of some military research here is what they have come up with.

The Sky 60 Long Range Antenna is so easy to install. You can place on your rooftop or inside your attic. It does not have to be directly pointed at the towers.

Mohu Antenna

The Sky 60 Long Range Antenna is the newest addition to Mohu and it offers you a completely new take on the traditional antenna. Even though this Mohu Antenna only weighs 3lbs, it is a very powerful, amplified antenna solution that has been developed from research performed by the old United States Military! Yes the design is a little different but that is what makes it multidirectional and does not keep you up and down readjusting for just the perfect spot.

Mohu Antenna

Small, powerful and unique. It has the ability to provide HD broadcast to multiple tv's in your home with the huge range of 60 miles. The tightly integrated low noise state of the art digital amplifier increases the signal range and improves the quality of the HD broadcast signals. This is powered by USB or the included power cord.

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