A custom designed  home is not like any other home. It is specially made for you, like a “special order” kind of thing. It meets all your needs and wants that match your unique lifestyle. You can basically say that it is a tailored home for you. It is known to be distinctive in style and effortless in functionality with breathtaking details.

Below are 5 custom designed homes that you will surely want.

1. The Onyx.

This custom designed home is known to be a one of a kind. It is built as a display home in Churchlands. Not to mention the fact that it is considered to be a true masterpiece as every detail in it is meticulously finished. It was named The Onyx because it is believed that it was were design met master-craftsmanship. The home is perfectly finished. The impressing part of it are the huge voids that connect the ground floor with the upper floor. It adds a splendid sense to the entire atmosphere. The Onyx is a two storey home with a garage to the rear that is designed to suit the blocks with a rear lane access. The home consists of 3 bedrooms located in the first floor along with a sitting area. As for the ground floor, it contains the living area with a large designer kitchen, and a study home theatre.

2. Attadale

Attadale is an exquisite simple single storey home that has myriad design features such as high ceilings, detailed cornicing, light and recessed walls that act as a showcase for art pieces. Every room in this house is used for a certain purpose. It’s a huge house that can fit up to 21 people of family and friends. The alfresco area located outdoors has its own full outdoor kitchen with floor to ceiling glass that has access to the spectacular pool view. This a custom design home that you will have to have a decent amount of land to place on! It’s a good idea to do some research through real estate companies if you’re not sure where to start. There are several custom design home in the list of Perth land estates for sales and this is a good starting point to give you an idea on how to find such luxury homes on several sites that are similar.

3. Lathlain

Based on the Parkwood design, the couple Chris and Samantha decided to build their dream house with their own ideas. One of the stunning design ideas applied was the kitchen. It was a yellow splashback kitchen that flowed seamlessly to the outdoor area. The house is designed in a way that maximizes the spaces, like bedrooms, storages, and offices.

4. North Beach

A welcoming home that is designed with its own style, different zones and spacious rooms. The house also takes the advantage of the north-south orientation of the block with the upstairs living area. The North Beach house is known for its positive vibe that it gives off through its design and finishes.

5. Waterford

The stunning design of the Waterford is one the award winning designs of the 2016 Perth Hia Awards. The house is consisted of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with a total area of 419m2 that also includes a large open living area, kitchen, and a separated study and living area upstairs with a serving kitchenette.


You’re different, and so is your design!


You are unique and different, and so must be your home. Customize yourself an innovative, inspirational, and practical home that suits your lifestyle.


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