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Looking Good When Your In A Zoom

When it comes to being on the computer, you want to at least look good. I find that the camera I have on the computer doesn't really work that great. Been looking for something I can use to replace that one, and I have found the perfect one.

The Poly P5 is a perfect size and fits right on my laptop with no issues and it's used with a USB port. The image was much clearer than my other webcams on zoom.I like the fact that I can shut off the cam lens and on zoom still leaves the live background on. This way I am not missing anything that is important while I not needed to be on the camera.

I found this camera to be extremely easy to set up and use. The picture quality and sound quality were very good. My audience also thought the picture and sound were very good. It was super easy to adjust all aspects of the picture quality as well as adjust the camera on either the top of a laptop screen or a separate monitor.

An 80-degree field of view that frames you just right, so it's perfect for video conference calls, as a streaming camera, or for distance learning. Vivid color rendering and clarity makes your presence impactful during video calls from your home office or a personal workspace. A built-in USB port in the back of the video conference camera streamlines use of a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone and frees up ports on your computer. The removable camera head provides flexibility to show documents up close.

HD webcam is optimized to show you and not too much of your surroundings. Maintain proper lighting when you work from home with automatic low-light technology. A built-in directional microphone focuses on your voice, not distracting noises

We love using this and everyone can see and hear me more clearly, since using this I have not had any issues such as lost calls. Everyone needs one in my family.


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