It's bath time yet again and if you are anything like me you don't just use any old soap. If you are like most parents only the most gentle of soaps is acceptable for that precious little one's skin. Bath time is so much more than just bathing, it's a bonding time and a time to play and explore. That is why I love having peace of mind with what I wash my daughter with, Baby Care from Naturel Collagen has a baby wash gel is unlike any other and it's perfect for babies 1month and older. colway-baby-careKnowing that you are caring for your babies skin from day one is reassuring. Baby Care does that and more with their ingredients: Collagen, Jojoba Oil, Aloe extract and Cromollient SCE. Baby Care is a line of products that have been dermatologically tested and approved. Since the ingredients in Baby Care are some of the same to those adults use in anti-aging products this baby gel is NOT something your going to find off your local store shelf.colwayWhy use Baby Care?

Baby skin as you know requires special care and special ingredients. Baby wash gel is a hypoallergenic product, with no parabens, without SLS soaps or artificial colors. It is so delicate that it does not sting the eyes or clog pores. The hydro active emollient and herbal surface-active agents gently purify, moisturize and protect the skin. Collagen and aloe extract, rich in amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins, help to regenerate the skin. baby care
You only choose the absolute best skin products for yourself so why not make sure and give your baby the best possible skin care regiment they can have as well. The smell of the baby wash gel is sweet like grapes and my hands including my daughters skin feel soft and hydrated after use. Baby Care products will make a great gift this season for any expecting or new parent!
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