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Gift Giving for your Special Person that is Unique and so Fun to Make!


It was so much to find a gift and make something straight from my heart for my husband. The LoveCube is so adorable and is such a thoughtful gift to give to your lover. It makes creating and gifting something romantic, easier than ever.

Cutest Cards in a Box

The LoveCube is a wonderful company based in Tennessee. They do everything in their power to try and have your personalized LoveCube out to you within a week.

The LoveCube is a set of forty to sixty cards with pre-chosen images and love messages for your special someone. You place your order on their website, which is very user friendly and straightforward. Each card is four inches square. You can choose to gift for your boyfriend, wife, husband, mother, etc. I chose to make one for my husband and I couldn’t be more happier. Although there are preloaded images you can use, or chose not to upload any images, you can also upload images of your own.

Images and Messages

If you chose not to upload an image, the back of the message will be the LoveCube logo. For me, I had so much fun choosing photos I wanted to upload for each message so I can give my gift a more personal touch. I really enjoyed that there were already encouraging and romantic inscriptions that were carefully thought out ahead of time for me to use so I did not have to worry about finding something to write for each card.

When beginning a LoveCube, you are asked a few basic questions like the name of the recipient, your name, and some qualities about your person whom you’re making this special LoveCube for. With the qualities you have chosen is where the special messages on the cards will be based off from.  I was really impressed how the messages really did correlate to my special recipient and the messages although were general, really did apply to our relationship.

You can always change the inscriptions as well to suit you better.

You can do from forty to sixty cards. The cards will be inside a hard cardboard box beautifully red in color and with a magnetic clasp for closure. Once you are done with your project and submit it, it takes about one to two business days to mail it out, and then two to three business days to receive it after that.

The LoveCube is the newest and most innovative, time efficient way to make a very thoughtful gift! This is so perfect for the upcoming Valentine Holiday!

Find out more at LoveCube / Facebook / Instagram

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