Build Your Own Luci-Solar Light Kit

Now a days it’s very crucial to teach our children how to protect and keep Mother Nature safe. As each year goes by we as a human population is increasing in size and with that we are needing better ways to sustain ourselves. At the moment we are depleting our natural resources as well as polluting our Earth. There has to be better options for us as we go into the future. It is now where we teach our children about renewable energy. Have you heard about the Build-Your-Own Luci: Solar Light Kit?

Building the Kit

The Build-Your-Own Luci: Solar Light Kit is a fun interactive kit that children put together with an adult based on science, technology, engineering and math. It is a great tool to teach kids about alternative methods in using energy. STEM is crucially important for kids. With STEM, a lifelong love of learning develops.

Hands On Approach

The Luci kit will show them how to conceptualize real life problems through a hands on approach. Build-Your-Own Luci gets the wheels turning for smart young children to learn about the power and potential of clean energy. It comes with three modular disks, a transparent cover, two USB cables, a whole bunch of LEDs and an activities booklet.

Renewable Energy that is Easy to Understand

Getting started is not at all difficult or overwhelming. Just connect the solar panel and battery disks via the USB cables and the customizable LED light board will light up! This project is ideal to use in school too as a teaching mechanism, because it explores solar power, electricity, energy storage and artificial light. When I worked on this project with my own children they were fascinated how using the sun’s rays could make their Luci light up. It was a fun and unique experience for them.

My youngest child is especially interested in knowing the mechanics behind something. She loves to pull things apart and put them back together. I think she gets it from her Daddy. Anyhow, with the kit, I believe it gave my child a better understanding of the importance of sustainable energy. I could see the wheels turning in my child’s head and she could not stop telling me about her ideas.

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