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The First Smart Candle of its Kind

Finding the Right Candle

Have you ever been caught in a black out and needed a candle on hand? But sometimes using candles can be dangerous as they need to be monitored in case they melt too much and create a mess, or topple over and can cause a dangerous fire filled situation. What would be nice is something like a smart candle, like a Ludela candle. These candles are not only very elegant and beautiful to look at, but they are smart and safe to use.  

Real Flame Candle

Ludela is a real flame candle light. It has a wax shell that can be changed out to whatever color your prefer and it never melts. Then inside is a candle fixture with a refill cartridge. The cartridge will be replaced once it is empty, but that is after twenty to twenty-five hours. But the true beauty of the Ludela is that once it is fully charged, it will work for a month to two months. The candle can then be ignited simply with a remote control and the intensity can be controlled as well. Light is such an amazing thing that with it we can feel relaxed and create the right ambiance in our living spaces.

Amazing Features

Since the Ludela candle is a smart candle it has some pretty amazing features! My favorite being that it has a tilt safety feature. If ever the candle gets accidentally bumped into, it will self extinguish. Besides that awesome feature, the remote can also control the burn time of the candle and the option of extinguishing it without having to blow it out. You can set it to burn out after eight hours if you chose to! Blowing it out is also safe to do without a need for the remote. It even has a child lock feature, so the children can not use it without a parent around.

The Ludela candle comes with two SunScent Fragrance rings. They go around the top of the candle pan and the heat from the pan releases the scent. It is very calming and fun to use the Ludela candle, because they are hassle free and easy to use. Ludela burns very bright! The refills don’t have an awful lingering odor. They are actually odorless. I love that they look amazing to decorate the house with and give that right amount of intimate warmth. The Ludela Perfect Starter Set retails at $129. That is a fraction of what other luxury candles retail at. Also the company donates books to children in need. 

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