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So satisfying to come home knowing that I would be able to enjoy a delicious glass of beer, champagne, water it may be. Most glasses I have don’t do anything to benefit the property of coldness for my beverage. As soon as my drink is taken out of the fridge it starts losing its cold properties and freshness. The flavor starts to decrease significantly and I am left to drink a warm sludge that really isn’t pleasant to taste buds. I am worth more than that. So I make sure I have a vessel that will do justice to my drinks. A drink that will stay cold even after being taken out of the fridge. I have to use something like the Lunagloww glass.

What an Invention

The Lunagloww glass is really decent invention as it is a vessel that has a double wall so that there is a barrier for the drink and the surrounding environment. Who really wants to transfer their body heat to their drink right? The drink actually looks pretty neat looking like it is being suspended in air. Because it is pilsner shaped drinking from this glass looks so sophisticated. When I drink from it, my beer looks so magical, as if it is glowing. Light goes through the glass and you can see the bubbles and foam from the beer. The bottom of the glass is concave. The base also emits a light like glow around the cup, reflecting the deliciousness of my drink. It’s a glass worthy for both men and women as men can drink beer from it and women can drink champagne from it.


The glass has major key features that make it so attractive. It is the right size to hold firmly in my hand. It is insulated, keeping my drink cool for a longer time period. The double wall is borosilicate glass. My favorite feature is that when Iay my drink down on a table, it does not create condensation. So absolutely no cleaning up a wet mess after the fact, no ruining my beautiful table, and no coaster needed! I have a guilty pleasure with it too, I can actually put it in the microwave and it will not crack under pressure. The glass is literally designed to be microwave safe! It is okay to put oatmeal in the glass and put it in the microwave to warm up for a minute. Nothing will happen to it. Ideally though, this glass is meant for beer and can hold up to fourteen ounces. It is also very safe to put in the dishwasher, in the top rack. I just hand wash mine and that is fine too.

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