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New Moon Surprises


I believe that caring for yourself is a must. Every new moon is a time for good intentions to be made. Lunarly sends care packages full of lovely wellness surprises to help your mind relax. It is a monthly subscription box that arrives three to four days before each month’s New Moon.

Snow Moon

I love my Snow Moon Lunarly box, because it is amazing in helping me rest my mind. At this moment in my life I am facing so much stress and having something physically tangible that I can see and interact with helps me with my personal battles. I am so happy that Lunarly understands what it means to heal with energy in a meaningful and powerful way.

My amazing subscription box for this new moon contains wish paper, a seven chakra selenite stick, a blue tiger eye gemstone, a black slate burning tray, and a Lunarly candle.

The wish paper contains ten beautiful pink sheets of paper. You crumple the paper into a ball, close your eyes and make a wish. Light the paper with a match and catch it as it floats back down, allowing your wish to be fulfilled. It is best to light the paper using the black slate burning tray, as that helps buffer the flame. You can also use the tray to hold incense.

The Selenite Stick is absolutely beautiful with its seven chakra charms mounted on it. Its purpose is to refocus your energy. Both the selenite stick and the blue tiger eye gemstone help release negative energy. This stone is to help manifest and visualize your desires and intentions. Just hold it around your throat and forehead.

A Lunarly box is such a wonderful gift to give someone who loves astrology and self care items.

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