Life is crazy. Everyone is running from one place to another. Now, add a few kids in the mix and being busy is taken to a whole new level! I work full-time outside of the home, run my own business and I'm a single parent raising an amazing 1st grader. I'm also particular about what I would like my child to consume while at school or when we are running around. Bentgo makes a variety of lunch containers that enable me to provide healthy choices for myself and my daughter when we're away from home.

The Bentgo lunch container has everything you need in one compact lunch box. It takes up minimal room while holding a fair amount of food. It even stores utensils for you!

There are 2 levels for the Bentgo lunch box. The bottom level is one big container, perfect for storing a sandwich or casserole or a chicken breast. In my opinion, I would use the bottom to put my entree. Then the top portion is divided in two. This is where I like to put 2 different side dishes. If I am going to use this for lunch that's how I typically would set it up.

If I am using the Bentgo box for breakfast, I typically make a parfait. So the bottom is where I place my yogurt and then in the top I place granola in one side and fresh fruit in the other. When it's time to eat, I mix it all in the bottom container and enjoy!

The Bentgo container comes with a fork, spoon and knife. All there snap into place on the lid of the bottom container. Then the top portion nests into the bottom container, keeping your utensils safe. The whole Bentgo box is held, securely together with an elastic strap. I can keep my Bentgo box in my bag and not have to worry about the top coming off.

Bentgo makes several sizes of containers. If you are a family that is frequently traveling, on the go or takes meals with them check them out. They are sure to have a storage solution for your needs.



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