Luvs Momoji Keyboard For Your Smart Phone and Giveaway

App Description:

When it comes to parenting, sometimes words just aren’t enough. The first custom emoji keyboard created specifically for moms and dads, the Luvs Momoji Keyboard was inspired by experienced parents and their affinity for emoji use, and gives parents more ways to easily express all the emotions that come with real-life parenting.

Modern parents are tech savvy, with their smart phones always within arms' reach and are more likely to connect and communicate with friends and family via text and social media than through telephone or face-to-face means. And we all love those cute, expressive little emojis, it takes the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” to a whole new level. Sometimes a picture just doesn't cut it, am I right?

Luvs Momoji Keyboard For Your Smart Phone and Giveaway

The new Luvs Momoji Keyboard, now available in the Apple app store on iOS or the Google Play store on Android devices, is a fun new way to share our experiences with others (integrating fun and engaging images) while also being able to offer access to the latest in emoji technology – the Promoji – which helps busy moms hunt for diaper deals on the go. Now it takes less time to text your fellow experienced-parent friends or spouse while at the same time unlocking deals and promotions. Through the integrated use of Promojis, Luvs is the first brand to share coupons, deals and special offers with consumers in a whole new way. They can be accessed directly within the Momoji Keyboard on the Android operating system, or via the main Momoji Keyboard app landing page on the iPhone operating system. Through the integrated use of Promojis, Luvs is the first brand to share coupons, deals and special offers with consumers in a whole new way. That’s efficiency at its best… the Luvs Experienced Parent way!

Luvs Momoji Keyboard For Your Smart Phone and Giveaway

The Luvs Momoji Keyboard can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store℠ for iOS devices and Google Play™ for Android devices. Once downloaded, parents can use the Luvs emojis characters in SMS & MMS iMessage, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Tango, and Gmail as a way to easily express the emotions that come with real-life parenting.

Luvs diapers have long been a favorite for many busy parents on the go. Now, with larger stretch tabs for easy (and quick) fastening along with the same quality protection against leaks by locking away wetness 2X better than other diaper brands, Luvs with NightLock™ continue their excellent performance and save parents valuable dollars, too (up to $150 per year) over competitors' brands.

I am enjoying this app very much! Check out this screenshot of me using the Luvs Momoji Keyboard when texting my adult daughter. LOL

iPhone screenshot momoji

She must be asleep. She hasn't messaged me back yet, demanding to know where I got these great emojis. She will. I have confidence. Everytime I text her with new emojis she has to get them, too.

Check out the app in the app store for your device to see all of the other cute momojis available. Or click HERE to be taken to the app download links.



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WIN a $100 Amex gift card and one package of diapers. Size 1-6.

Click the entry form link below to enter!

This review and giveaway was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Luvs. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.
Come check out the all-new #Momoji keyboard from Luvs at the Twitter Party TONIGHT and get a chance to win one of several GC prizes! Twitter party is TONIGHT, December 15th at 8pm CST / 9pm EST and prizes include:
  • * Prize 1: $50 + Luvs product
    * Prize 2: $100 + Luvs product
    * Prize 3: $150 + Luvs product
    * Grand Prize: $400 + Luvs product
    * RSVP for the Twitter Party Here: Luvs product
For more information and to download the Luvs Momoji Keyboard, please visit the appropriate app store for your device. Or click HERE to be taken to the app download links.

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  1. This would all be a gift for my nephew and his son. Thanks!

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    I would give these as a shower gift.

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    I would give them as a gift to my sister.

  4. I would keep these and use them on my grandson.

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    I would keep this prize. Thank you!

  6. I would keep this prize

  7. I would keep the diapers for my 3 month old.

  8. Julie Wood says:

    I will give this nice prize to my sister. She could use it for my nephew!

  9. These would be for my nephew.

  10. We love Luvs diapers, I would keep this for my kid.

  11. I would give the diapers to my sister in law who is pregnant!

  12. shelly peterson says:

    This would be for my grandson.

  13. My sweet cousin could really use these diapers! Happy Holidays!

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    Id gift them to a friend who is due any moment

  15. Steve Weber says:

    These would be for my sisters who both had babies 4 and 6 months ago.

  16. I would give them to my friend who just had a baby.

  17. Keri Justice says:

    I would keep these for my 19 month old. These are the diapers we use.

  18. Birdiebee says:

    I would keep these.

  19. Chrissy c says:

    I would keep this 🙂

  20. Elisabeth says:

    I would keep them for our little guy!

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    I would keep it. We just had a baby in December so I am sure we will need it soon;)

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    I would give this to my sister.

  23. I would give this to my friend’s son, she has a 9 month old son, they need the help all they can get 🙂

  24. James Robert says:

    I would give to my cousin for her baby boy. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  25. Marcia Goss says:

    I would keep this for myself. I can use the diapers for my grandson when he comes to visit.

  26. Janice Cooper says:

    I would give them to my friends son and his girlfriend who is pregnant

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    I subscribed to your RSS feed with email: mtgirlatheart49 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  28. Oh we would keep them for the new baby on the way!

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