This family loves to go on adventure trips, last year we went to Tennessee for what was supposed to be 5 days and we ended up staying for 9. We love to look at the old country sides and the Rocky Mountains are so beautiful. And up there with all the wilderness you sure need something that will help you see because it is so dark there.

When I was asked to do the review for the The Dura Vision Pro Xl 400 50 + hour run time *4 Super bright red LED’s *4 Light modes *4000 + feet visibility *Strong clip *180 Pro safety light, talk about kids on a holiday trip. My brother in law and husband had to go and see how well it works. So as soon as it got dark out they went outside to test it.

What they determined is you can see that far and its a pretty awesome toy, they clipped it to their shirts and one stayed here and the other walked down the road. Their products are designed using the latest in technology. The products have become “the best” because they listened to the customers. Countless letters, stories and comments from us customers have been instrumental in the development process for each item.


This light could be a useful tool in case of some sort of disaster where buildings are damaged and I have to search for casualties. Innovative designs with ergonomic themes have kept our lighting systems on the must have a list. Technology is growing in leaps and bounds and our mission will continue to be to stay on top of the curve.

We are going to Tennessee in the winter and this light will come in handy , im going to by us some more so we all will have one. My nephew takes my brother in laws head light and puts it on and walks around the house with it. He is to funny , he will get a kick out of the red one.

They even help out kids and that in my cook is great.

The Project Community Safe light was designed with Safety as it’s top priority. Kids can easily be seen early morning or at night. Runners, cyclists and dogs are safer when using the light.

Each Project Community Safety Light has two LX-18 super bright red Leds that can be seen from over 4000 feet away. We extended the run time to over 70+ hours with an ultra bright flashing pattern. Powered by two lithium 2032 batteries that are preinstalled in each light. The back plate is threaded. A gasket seals the back plate. The ergonomic design of the CS-22000 makes changing the batteries easy. For instructions hit this link: Changing the Batteries

Each Project Community Safety light comes with an alligator clip design to hold the light in place.

The Project Community Safety Light is 1.55 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches thick.

The Project Community Safety light weighs in at less than 1 ounce.

We are matching the quantity for all sales for this light and donating the matched quantity to the police departments to be given to the kids in each community. Donations will be assigned to the identified police departments within 30 days after the close of the current month. For example, if 4800 pieces are purchased in January, then 4800 pieces will be donated by the end of February. Fun Source L.L.C. reserves the right to upgrade the matched quantity to another safety light in out of stock situations. Our goal is to give away 1,000,000 units. Help us help them.


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