“Lyla Tov Monsters are plush toys based on a design my daughter, Lyla, made as a holiday gift for me when she was just 3 years old. She drew a sketch and worked with my wife, Erin, who helped her “make it real”.

Since Lyla and Erin made the original Monster, we've gone from making one-of-a-kind Monsters in our home to running a successful Kickstarter campaign that has allowed us to create four lines of Monsters (Charlotte, Forrest, Madeline and Squonk) for retail sales.”



Check our Forrest, he is so handsome and so very soft. While he loves to get hugs from your little one. He will protect them from anything in the shadows. Because he is always on guard, protecting your little one. While he is running away any scary things that may go bump in the night. Plus he loves to play during the day.


If you have Charlotte by your side, she will run the grumpy, scary monsters away. She has such a sweet smiling face with a happy, friendly attitude. They will turn around and go away.


Now Madeline is just a little spunky that is ready to play and have fun during the day light. But when the night time hits she is always ready to do her job and keep the bad monsters and nightmares away.


He will become your child's best friend and will never let scary things bother Squonk. And if your child is scared or nervous, Squonk isn't! He is always ready to play, cuddle, run and swing from the lights! But he has your little one leave their fears and sadness behind. So they can play and have fun!

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