Mace for Women

I have two girls and myself as a mom by herself most of the time, need to become more vigilant about staying safe and protecting ourselves. My eldest daughter is in middle school and rides the school bus home. Then she walks home the rest of the way. She arrives later in the afternoon where I am not there greeting her at the bus stop to pick her up and make sure she’s safe on her way home. Our neighborhood has a very high crime rate and it worries me, with my children, especially being girls, that something could happen to us. It’s always best to be ready and prepared than to be in denial and think it can’t happen to you. I prepare my child with mace that she can easily store in her back pack.

Carry it Onboard the Plane

Mace for Women is an empowering organic bottle of mace designed by Danielle Radin, who overcame a very scary situation that almost took her life. She’s developed this bottle of pepper spray so that it can be carried anywhere, even on an airplane. It is organic and it is in a discreet white bottle with an off and on pump.

Simply push the bottle open and spray toward the harasser's eyes.

Her motive was that bags can get lost in transit during a fight leaving a woman to feel powerless. But if she could store her Mace in her purse without having to check it in with her bag then she will always have a form of defense. The bottle is only four ounces making it TSA friendly.

Profits go to Victims of Domestic Violence

With her Mace for Women company, every bottle sold will be given to profit victims of domestic violence. Having something, anything, like a can of mace can be the difference between life and death.

Find out more at MaceForWomen | Facebook | Twitter

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