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Nail polish is one of my favorite things. Madam glam as gel nail polishes that you use either uv or led lamp. This nail polish gel I a three step process.with this soak off nail polish you will need base, color and top gels. The cure time is 2 minutes for uv and 2 minutes for led. I used my led lamp and it cures perfectly.

To apply, the base gel is very thin and applies easily. The color is thicker but, also applies easily. The top coat is a little thicker then the base coat. It goes on easily and smooth. Some gels go on goofy and clumpy. Not these. I did notice a smell, wasn't to powerful but went away once it cured.
I received sea, swing and sun color. A very light blue. I love the color. One coat covered just right. I am very pleased with madam glam soak off gel polish. I really like the finished nails. It wasn't hard to apply and looks great. I struggle with growing my nails as they break and chip. With this line it offers the strength I need to help prevent bending and splitting of my nails. I would definitely recommend this gel polish. For more information click here.


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