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There may be countless varieties of tasty flavor profiles that one can serve at the dinner table, and it still comes without a doubt that tomatoes go well with any dish. Versatility can even be a tomato’s second name. They are the perfect addition to just anything, from roasting to grilling to sauteing, even work as a healthy snack. What’s not love?


When you want to add a burst of flavor to your recipe, tomatoes are there to the rescue. With the different types of tomatoes available in the market, you may be wondering what the differences are. They all look the same to you! But each tomato type really differs from one another. Below is a guide for tomato lovers like you on the different types of tomatoes:


Hybrid Tomatoes

Hybrid tomatoes are the result of cross-pollinating two different tomato varieties intentionally. This only means that the offspring of the cross-pollinated tomatoes will bear both of the parent plants’ best characteristics. 


These hybrid varieties often grow faster and with less disease problems. If you are eager to grow one in your garden, you must have some patience to wait for several years before developing a hybrid. Some varieties of hybrid tomatoes include Early Girl, Big Beef, and Sweet 100. 


Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are one of the favorites among tomato lovers around the globe. Who won’t love a tomato as versatile as cherry tomatoes? With their red, yellow, orange, and purple varieties, this type of tomato is a regular in the kitchen. They can add a burst of flavor and color to any dish you wish to serve at the dinner table. 


Cherry tomatoes have a sweet and tangy taste and can either be cooked, sauced, grilled, and dried. You may even eat this tomato like a raw snack. When growing one in your kitchen garden, it will be best if you pinch off the suckers that pop up as they mature.


Red Beefsteak Tomatoes

Also known as the salsa tomato and even the king of all tomatoes, red beefsteak is a large and meaty tomato variety. Because they produce many juices, red beefsteak tomatoes are ideal as a base for dips and fresh sauces. They also have a milder flavor that doesn’t overpower other ingredients, making them the perfect complement to all dishes. 


Red beefsteak tomatoes are a great addition to the classic hamburger; you can even turn them into a patty substitute! If you plan to grow them on your own, make sure you place them in a sunny, well-drained garden bed. You may even add a starter fertilizer to encourage growth to your red beefsteak tomatoes. 


Heirloom Tomatoes

Go back to your culinary heritage with heirloom tomatoes. This variety of tomatoes has been passed down from generation to generation, having a rich flavor in different colors and sizes. Heirloom tomatoes are sumptuous when added to salads and sandwiches or a delicious roasted or grilled side dish. 


They also taste good when eaten raw, added with a dash of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Remember to give your heirloom tomatoes a generous amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer when growing heirloom tomatoes in your garden. Make sure to place them in rich, well-drained soil to encourage bountiful harvest. 


Roma Tomatoes

Known as the classic Italian plum tomato, this variety of tomatoes have a tangy, garden-fresh tomato flavor. Roma tomatoes are the perfect addition to delicious sauces, stews, or tomato pastes. You can try roasting a Roma tomato in the oven and make a bruschetta topping or a tomato pesto to encourage intense flavor when served. 


That is why when you are up to a bit of adventure in the kitchen, Roma tomatoes are your companion. It is crucial to place its seedlings right next to a south-facing window. You can also use artificial lights when growing a Roma tomato indoors. After the actual leaves of Roma tomatoes start appearing, thin out the seedlings and continue growing them. 


Tomatoes on the Vine

As the name indicates, this type of tomato is left hanging on the vine to soak in the nutrients until they are fully ripe. Tomatoes on the vine have this juicy and sweet freshness that makes a perfect additive to any dish. With this tomato, the possibilities are endless; you can even add them to your jams, salads, and sauces.


Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are known for being crisp and crunchy, with tastes that range from sweet to tangy. They have thicker skin, which gives grape tomatoes a meatier texture when cooked. This variety of tomato is best added to the main dish: be it roasted in the oven or tossed into pasta. Grape tomatoes can also be great as a snack or when eaten raw. 



A dish is never perfect without tomatoes in it. You will always look for them at the dinner table. That is why it is best if you make picking tomatoes accessible for you. With the list of different varieties of tomatoes above, you’ll already have an idea of what to plant next in your kitchen garden. 

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