Magformers, A Fun Playtime For Brain Development

Yes! A Magformers set that can be put together and taken apart that truly challenges the inquiring side of the brain! My children have been big fans of Magformers since they came out. They have them at our local library and I’ve always wanted to get them a set to play with at home. My top pick is the basic plus 14 set. It is un upgrade from the previous set.

Basic Plus Set

Why I love the Magformers Basic Plus 14 Set is, because of the double colors on each side of the magnets. There are four squares, eight triangles, and two circle shape squares. There are magnets on each side of each shape. They attract each other very well. The magnet strength holds up fairly well in connecting the shapes. My child has been building different shapes and they do not collapse at all. I like that this set is the mix of triangles and squares.

Building and Learning

The geometric shapes in the Magformers is perfect for kids to develop their color memory and shape recognition. In preschool and first grade, it’s crucial to develop our children’s brain so they can think scientifically. Included is an instruction booklet that can show you easy ways to build a structure. There are tips and tricks in pulling up, folding, building walls, and rolling a structure. My child loves to build the spacecraft and rocket.


Sometimes, my husband joins along to play with our Magformers set. He enjoys building my daughter a big ball and a car. It is necessary to follow a few principals with the Magformers. There is an S pole and N pole. There has to be an S pole and N pole side by side in order to work otherwise they will repel each other. It is easier to attach one piece of Magformer at at time when building as well when cleaning up and putting them away. The magnets can rotate at 360 degrees. The magnets always rotate to their attraction position ensuring a perfect fit every time. 

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