Magic_Bullet_photo-150x300The awesome people over at Magic Bullet sent me a Magic Bullet Blender set to try out in exchange for my honest review! I am so excited to share with you the amazing things you can make with this small, easy-to-use and fast blender!

I love how easy the Magic Bullet Blender is to use to make versatile recipes for my family and even for our friends when they come over! I had a little get together and my friends were amazed when I was able to make fresh, custom margaritas for each of them quickly and easily! Throw in your fruit, ice and liquor – quick blend, put on a Comfort Lip Ring on the cup and you are ready to fiesta!

he Magic Bullet Blender is super fast and super easy to use! In fact, it is so easy to use that that my husband is already becoming a pro at it. We watch her closely with the blades, but he is coming up with new smoothie recipes nearly every day to enjoy with her breakfast.
The Magic Bullet now also has a juicing attachment and a top loading blender attachment! These handy accessories allow you to make things like homemade mayonnaise (hooray!) and powerful, antioxidant-rich juices to get you going!

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