Magic in Miami

Magic in Miami


You’ve got caught in the miserable weather again. Your coat is drenched after being caught up in a torrential downpour and your new boots are exuding a not-so-chic, soggy and squeaky vibe. Don’t you wish you could draw back your curtains and look out to a paradise full of sunshine and smiling faces? Imagine breathing in the fresh sea breeze each morning as you stroll down the beach to pick up a freshly squeezed juice. Look no further. Miami is calling your name. Pack your suitcase with a swimsuit and a stylish hat and you’ll be good to go.  Whether it’s the sun-kissed beaches or the chic boutique style bars, Miami is most certainly a hotspot to visit.


Under the Sea


Grab a chance to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions in Miami. Whether you’re bringing little ones with you or not, you’re bound to enjoy the thrills of the Miami Seaquarium.

It is the home to thousands of endangered sea creatures and you get to see them up close and personal. Watch the jellyfish jiggle as they eat their dinner or catch a sea turtle diving to the bottom of it’s specially designed tank. There are expert tour guides on hand who can keep you updated on each elegant creature you come across. Take the chance to make friends with a scary shark and a dainty dolphin. It’ll be an unforgettable experience.


Image By: Heidi Peterson


Keep it Chic


Also known as ‘The City Beautiful,’ the chic and sophisticated Coral Gables are renowned for their hot home interior design stores, elegant tree-lined streets and the most beautiful natural wonders you can imagine. The Venetian Pool is a must-see attraction if you’re feeling outdoorsy. Take a day to explore the hidden caves and magical waterfalls. The perfect palm trees will make you feel like you’re visiting a real-life paradise.


If you’re into culture and the arts take a trip to the historic Miracle Theatre, where local actors and singers stage musicals and comedy shows. They have previously staged some top broadway hits, so if you’re partial to a sing-song this would be the ultimate treat for you. There are also a plethora of museums if you fancy taking a break from the blazing sun.


It’s A Beach Life

Image By: @BerthaElizabeth


You’ve seen them on the silver screen, you’ve seen them all over your Instagram, you’ve seen them on postcards sent from your wanderlusting best friends. But now it’s your turn to experience the true attraction of Miami, the beautiful beach. Take a stroll down Miami Beach and breathe in the pure beauty and culture which surrounds it. Grab yourself a cool cocktail or a refreshing ice-cream and soak in the rays of the dazzling sun. You won’t be sorry that you took time out of your everyday life to escape to the beauty that is Miami. Don’t forget to buy some authentic souvenirs for your friends and family. They’ll be so jealous, they will begging to hop on a plane with you and go back again!

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