A cracking smile is something that everyone would love to have, but which a lot of people lack. However, it is not because they don’t have the tools at their disposal. Almost everyone has a full set of choppers that they can flash. The problem is people just don’t maintain them to a high enough standard. Like anything in life, if you leave your teeth to their own devices they will start to disintegrate. To stop that from happening and to help you recover your Hollywood smile, follow these tips.


Brush At Least Twice A Day


Do you agree that not brushing your teeth in the morning is pretty disgusting? Most people do, yet, curiously, they don’t think the same about not brushing at night. Just brushing your teeth once a day won’t do you any favors because plaque will start to build up. If you want any chance of keeping your teeth whiter than white, you need to brush twice a day, morning and night. Once you get into the routine it is fairly easy.



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And Mouthwash


Unfortunately, brushing isn’t enough. The bristles on the toothbrush are too thick and don’t reach certain places in the mouth. Yep, you guessed it, that leads to plaque and bacteria that can potentially damage your oral health. And let’s face it, no one is proud of a smile that is missing a few teeth! Luckily, mouthwash does reach the areas that brushing misses so that you can remedy the situation. Still, you have to make sure that the mouthwash is powerful enough to get down and dirty. Some mouthwashes just freshen up the breath and don’t destroy leftover bacteria.


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And Floss


Seriously? Flossing too? Yes, you need to floss because mouthwash also misses food and bacteria that flossing doesn’t! As you can tell, the key to a winning smile is thorough dental care. One aspect of oral hygiene doesn’t cut the mustard because it leaves your mouth vulnerable to leftover food and drink. Flossing gets into the teeth and finally hits all the spots that brushing and mouthing misses. Again, the bristles on the brush are too thick, and mouthwash isn’t able to dislodge food that gets stuck. But, the thin piece of string that you use as floss has no such qualms!


Teeth Whitening Products


As teeth get older, they start to lose their shine. Sometimes it is not your fault because you do all of the above, but your teeth get old. All they need is a little coat of paint, so to speak, to freshen them up and give them back their gloss. Teeth whitening products do just that. Before you know it, your teeth will sparkle like stars in the sky


Seek Professional Help


Visiting a dental practice is essential if you want a perfect smile. For starters, they have the tools at their disposal to make your teeth pop. Just as importantly, they can also carry out cosmetic work so your smile looks even better. Sometimes, teeth can crack or slant, and dentists like this Dentist in Ballwin will cover them up and straighten them out


It isn’t easy work, but it is necessary for the ultimate smile.

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