Recently I was given the chance to do a product review of the brand Make My Day. The brand is based out of Australia and has products in several different department stores all over the world. The idea behind Make My Day is to create simple, creative, and useful products that anyone can use in or out of the household environment.

I was given the opportunity to do product review for their Baby Bib. I could not wait to check these two items out. I was very curious as to how the material would hold up. The bib is adorable but will it really catch the food?
First up to be reviewed: the Baby Bib. When I first felt the bib, I liked how soft the rubber was and thought the design was adorable. I was given a a black tuxedo boys bib which has a tuxedo design on the front. I was not sure about the pocket, but decided to test the bib out. You can feed your baby their most unfavorite food and the bib will catch it. Making it so much easier to clean up. No mess on your child or on the floor. You can keep their clothes looking good. Especially when you are on the go. The bib is BPA, PVC And phthalate free. Stain resistant and easy to clean. For more information click here.


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