Make Finding Your Next Vet Painless

Normally there are two reasons you are looking for a new vet. One reason might be that you have just moved to a new area and are having to find replacements for several things. For example, if you are looking for a Fishtown vet after recently moving to the area, it's important to do the appropriate searches so you find the perfect one for you. The other reason is you just adopted or purchased a new pet and need to make sure they have a primary vet


No matter the reason, picking a new vet for your furry companion is a stressful process. You only want the best for them.


Making sure your pet is taken care of is your job, they are a member of your family. They depend on you to make the best choices for them and keep them safe.


You make sure your pet has everything they need. You research to make sure you feed them the right diet and purchase the right treats.


Your pet needs lots of love and attention and you are happy to provide it. You make sure they have all the toys they need to be entertained and happy. Your pet is always so happy to see you and that makes you just love them more. This is why finding the right vet is so important.


Your is a large part of them having a good quality of life. The vet lets you know any special requirements your pet may have. They also make sure they are up to date on vaccines and maintenance medications.

The Old Way

In the past, there was only one way to find a new vet. It takes a lot of leg work. You start by asking your local friends and family for reviews of who they use or recommend. 


Then you spend hours researching to find reviews and info on local vets. Once you compile all that information you make a list of vets you are still interested in and start making random office visits.


When you visit the prospect vet’s offices you are checking to see if they are clean and if the staff is welcoming. You are also investigating the waiting room. How are the other pets acting? Do they all appear frightened?


Then you would talk to the staff at the prospect vet’s office to see if they meet your requirements. At that point, you would set up an appointment for your pet to meet the vet.

Based on how the first appointment goes with the prospect vet you would either continue to use them or move on to the next vet on your list.


This will take a while and can be stressful and exhausting. Thankfully there is another choice when you are looking for a local vet.

The New Way

Finding a new local vet can now be just a click away. Thanks to Airvet you no longer have to spend endless hours traveling from vet to vet to make your final decision.


Airvet allows you to use their website or download their app and you connect with a local vet in moments through a virtual chat. This allows you to instantly address any concerns you have with them and choose a new vet more easily.


Airvet’s app also allows you to video chat with local vets. This allows you to conduct many vet trips virtually. This makes seeing the vet a breeze.


The stress of getting your pet out the door for every vet visit is a thing of the past. The ability to diagnose your pet through a video call will eliminate the need for most visits to the vet’s office. Airvet also makes vets available at all hours. You will no longer only be able to receive assistance during office hours.


In conclusion, when picking a vet there are lots of things to consider and reading reviews is important. Being able to reach out to local vets from Airvet’s app will make the process easier and quicker. You and your pet deserve the best care and Airvet will help you get it.

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