What's the one thing you remember about the holidays? Mine is how my mom took her time to set the table, with her fine China on Christmas so we could enjoy eating as a family.  Wildly Wald is the place to get all your placemats; they are made of 18  percent leather and premium faux leather.  They have taken what we would consider normal., elevated it to the next level.

The holidays are here, and we love to make a big deal out of eating together, so my sister will cook us a great meal, and she got the China when our mom passed away, so we use it and feel her with us.  And having these placemats will make the table even more special.


Todays Halloween and I have some special placemats we will be using for dinner, ghosts making our table spooky and pretty. Whats great about these are they are so easy to maintain and clean up in a snap. All Wildly Wald placemats are made in California, and with their faux leather designs, they're easy to clean.  All you need is a sponge and some soap, wipe then clean.


These can stand up to anything, your child and pet can not break than or ruin them in any way. Wildly Wald takes color and style well beyond the dining room with dynamic shapes, unexpected themes, and inspired place mat design. Wipe ‘n go placemats will never stain or tear and can stand up to virtually anything dealt out from the young kids to the grown-up kids.

These will be great for my nephew; he's always so excited about the holidays and today we will use these Ghost placemats, and he will be so excited. Making the holidays more enjoyable can be done with the little things. Placemats for any occasion can lighting the mood, and fun ones are even better.  They even sell pet mats, these would be perfect for the pets we have, put the water and food bowls on these, so the rugs won't be ruined.


Wildly Ward  believes eating should always be full of fun, laughter, and great conversation.We'll bring the fun; you bring the rest!

In 2012, Joanne Wald was enthusiastic about giving her Thanksgiving table a new look. She bought striking black dishes and black-handled flatware. To complete the look, she needed placemats. She searched all her favorite stores near her Los Angeles home, but nothing seemed right.


Finding myself without placemats and Thanksgiving just a few days away, creativity took over. Luckily, I found some extra upholstery fabric that was tucked away nearby. Out came that beautiful faux leather. Along with pencil and scissors, the artful journey began, and a new design concept emerged. Wildly Wald takes color and style well beyond the dining room with dynamic shapes and unexpected themes, never before seen in the marketplace. All our placemats are made in California, of the most durable and luxurious faux leathers available. We test each fabric to ensure it meets our wipe n’ go standards of excellenct

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