Make Life A Game!

Make Life A Game!

Do you have nieces or nephews that you love to spoil? Are you looking for a sweet and inventive item to give them this valentines day that will bring a smile to their face all year long? If so I am going to let you know of some new products from that will be purposeful as well as fun!

My nephews have their own room and own bathroom at our house, and I just love spoiling them because I know I can send them back home on Sundays spoiled rotten. We wanted to get them a gift this year that we could incorporate into their bedroom and bathroom but also something they would see as an actual gift.

We all know that kids hate taking baths ( well most of them ), picking up their trash and getting up their dirty clothes. Thats where Dirty Dunk comes into to make this not feel like a chore but more like a game of basketball!

The dirty dunk over the door basketball hoop is actually a laundry hamper that collects all dirty clothes but allows kids to put them in as if they were shooting hoops. My nephew is only 2 right now but after showing him how this works he loved wadding up his clothes and he was so excited when he actually made one. It took a while for him to make one but it was so much fun for the both of us. I actually find myself aiming for the hoop when no one is around so you know this works for all ages.

The document dunk is a trash can that has an attached basketball goal that allows you to toss trash just as you would a basketball. It was super easy to assemble to a trash can that we already had around the house. I am actually thinking about getting one of these for the office as I think it will bring some fun into the atmosphere and we could even make games out of it.

Document Dunk

The scrub a dunk is an awesome product that will make baths fun for kids. It suctions right onto you shower walls and kids can play basketball with the small foam ball that comes with it while you are scrubbing them. I know my nephew normally cries during his entire bath but this has kept him calm and he is more focused on getting the ball in the goal than he is me getting the tangles out of his hair.

Scrub A Dunk

I hope you would consider getting one of these fun and functional items for you loved one as I am here to tell you it changed a lot of the negative things for us and made them a huge positive!

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