I really enjoy kicking back and relaxing with a nice martini.  The only thing was, I always liked to pour in a little olive juice into it.  It just gave it a great flavor and made it more enjoyable.  I came to find out this was what is called a “dirty martini.”  And here I was thinking I came up with something!

I do not claim to be an expert on making drinks so I learn something pretty much all the time about drinks.  Thanks to the folks at Dirty Sue, I learned how to make the best “dirty” martini I ever drank.

This was me before – make a martini, add some olive juice.  Simple, right?  Sounds easy enough, and it was. Just open the olive jar and pour some of that “juice” that holds the olives in.   It was fine – UNTIL I used Dirty Sue's premium olive juice.  I could not believe how much better the taste was in the martini.  Oh, and by the way, I learned that “fine” is not good enough.  You live and learn I guess!

Okay, that was well and good and I really enjoyed my new dirty martini using the premium olive juice instead of just the “brine” from whatever jar of  olives I happened to be using, but what made me fall in love with Dirty Sue was their stuffed olives.  Now I just used the regular green olives I bought in the store.  Well, Dirty Sue has different kinds of stuffed olives, but my favorite was the Blue Cheese stuffed olives.  Wow were these good – and HUGE.  Seriously, made my regular little olives seem really subpar.  The biggest surprise though may have been the Jalapeno stuffed onions.  I honestly tasted them thinking that this was not going to go over well and would be way too hot for me, but don't ask me how they did it but the little piece of jalapeno they stuffed into a pearl onion (I call it a pearl onion, the little round ones) was just the right amount because it gave it a great flavor and was not hot at all, just a little kick.  Perfection. And to be honest I enjoy eating both of these straight from the jar so they are not limited to my having to be making a martini, but those jalapeno stuffed olives are awesome in my dirty martini.

Next time you want to enjoy a dirty martini, make it the best one by using the premium olive juice if you have been using brine like I was, or even if you are not a martini person you will not be disappointed with the stuffed olives or onions either.   I eat those on the daily they are so good, no need to wait for martini time!

You can find Dirty Sue products here.

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