Spring time is finally here, and with that, I am hoping to finally paint these dark walls something bright and lovely. And we all know with changing your room, you must have your bedding match. Well, at least my sister and I do. With that comes the task of finding the perfect bedding, we are always looking for that special touch.

For my fitted sheets, we tend to use just that. My husband is always hot and throws everything off of himself, so half of the bed ends u on the floor and is always hot and throws everything off of himself, so half of the bed ends u on the floor and  Kias bed. At Vero Linens you are getting what you want, at a reasonable price. At Vero Linens, we make our luxury linens & sheets in Italy, not because Italy is a low-cost country to produce bed sheets. Rather, Italy is where the finest bed linens in the world can be produced and because we don’t sell our luxurious linens to retailers, you save 60% off retail every day. Sleep in the finest. We have an issue with the sheet staying on the bed, and with these, the fitted sheet stays, without any issues. The 17-inch pocket makes it easy for us to tuck it under the mattress, and it stays so nice and tight.  You feel the softness and smoothness once you climb into bed. Something I love about these sheets.



What if you like to have a throw on the bed. I have always had something at the end of the bed, in case we get a chill and just so it can look pretty.  And we love horses, my sister and I would go every weekend when she was younger. This fleece horse throw blanket is not thin or see-through. It is thicker than other versions sold elsewhere by others. Ours does not use an inexpensive border or blanket stitching. All edges are finished with a neat and secure, high-quality full hem. Rows Of Throws are the perfect blankets for all those horse lovers out there.


Full hem finish offers smooth, comfortable edges that won’t come undone on this horse throw, and this is the softest throw I have ever had, My husband and I fight for it when we are sitting downstairs.   It is super soft, over sized at 63×73 inches, better made than other similar throws, comes gift ready with a beautiful brown satin ribbon bow and features double-sided, airbrushed artwork of a galloping western horse.


Los Angeles, CA based brand owner Rows of Throws: over sized fleece throw blankets.  Family owned and operated since 2012. We produce special, gift-ready, emotion evoking animal and cause-based throw blankets. Our throws often have kids and women saying OMG, aww, Ooooo, so cute, reminds me of mine, etc.


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