Making a Case for Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are versatile; they can add length to the hair, cover up a bad haircut and be used to model dyes and colors without applying them to your actual hair. Using hair extensions can also add volume and thickness to your hair. They are used on different types of hair and are especially sought for adding thickness and volume to thinning hair.

There are hair extensions made from real hair and synthetic hair and they come in various styles and colors. There are also many techniques employed to attach hair extensions to a person's natural hair. Keratin, tape, U-tip, and I-tip are a few of those techniques, each having different qualities and characteristics. While U-tip extensions are applied using heat fusion, I-tip extensions are installed with micro-rings. Another popular technique is the hand-tied method.

What Are Hand-tied Hair Extensions?

The method of applying the extensions is what separates hand-tied extensions from the others. It is a natural method, without introducing heat or other unnatural elements, like glue, into the process. This method of installation offers less risk of the natural hair being damaged.

In this process, the natural hair is beaded into rows, to which a weft is hand-tied to the natural hair. Wefts are sections of hair that have been sewn onto horizontal strips. They are long, thin sections of hair. Wefts can be hand or machine-sewn. Because the machine-sewn wefts are a bit bulkier, many people prefer to use the more lithe and streamlined hand-sewn strips.

A perk of the hand-tied hair extensions Denver is that it's difficult to differentiate between the real hair and the extensions. They look and, more importantly, feel like your natural hair. Because these extensions are lighter than other types, they cause less damage from strain on thinning hair.

How Long Do Hair-tied Extensions Last?

Ultimately, hair extensions do need to be replaced. Hair extensions can last for various durations, depending on the type. It can also depend on how fast your hair grows and how well you maintain and care for it. While the hair extensions themselves could last for six to eight months, they will need to be redone every six to nine weeks or so.

How Do You Care For Hair-tied Extensions?

You can shower with these extensions in, but it is advisable to wear a shower cap because overwashing can loosen the bonds that hold the extensions in place. That said, the less they are washed, the longer they will last.

You should always dry hair extensions because wet hair is more prone to damage. Brushing wet hair extensions can be tricky because wet hair is heavy and vulnerable to being pulled or tugged. Experts advise slowly using your hair extension brush from the tips up to the roots.

Hair extensions do wonders for perking up any head of hair. They can be used in many scenarios to help create different looks. Hand-tied hair extensions are popular because their application doesn't damage hair the way some others might and because you can create a dynamic hairstyle, regardless of your natural hair, in a matter of hours.

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