With the holidays here whats the best gift, anyone would want.  Some awesome cookies with a person they love, face on it,  Whats great is the whole thing is simple to do, all you have to do is choose a size and upload your photo or photos. Send us your order. We do the rest. We can design your custom photo cookie topper until its exactly what you want.

YouCake.com based in New York and does ship and allow the public to order edible photo sheets or pre-applied toppers on ready-to-serve items, for which they have collaborated with Bonne Fete Baking. They also offer kosher and gluten-free options and fill corporate orders — they just made 5,000mini PayPal toppers for donuts to celebrate the company’s IPO, likely the first application of frosting sheets to donuts.

YouCake specializes in beautiful, high-quality, edible photo toppers that can be customized any way you like. Unlike most bakeries, YouCake works with digital images – so your photo can be sent via email. Should you choose, they’ll even add their own graphic embellishment – making your design that much more beautiful. Also unique to YouCake, they can create any size or shape cake topper


The YouCake ColorCraft Cookie Decorating Kit is fun for the entire family and for children of all ages.  

In each package is as follows:
·         4 inch baked, iced, and topped cookies
·         Edible markers – edible writing markers neon and primary colors,
·         Icing Writer – pre-made icing to apply sprinkles to cookies
·         Assorted sprinkles
Activity Recommendations: We recommend that you make this a two part-activity.  PART I (Distribute cookies and edible markers)
·         To prepare give each child a small paper plate to place the cookie.
•          Open the edible color markers and have the kids first use the markers to color the cookies. PART II (Messy part – open sprinkles and icing)
•          Icing Writer: to use, open the lid to remove the bottle’s seal.
•          Open the sprinkle mix and pour onto each child’s plate and kids can now add their sprinkles and decorate.



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