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Making Fun Memories With Halo”s

These are a  Wonderful Halos (@halosfun)

When it comes to snacks we love to make the children have something great to eat, and what’s better than some Halos they are pure goodness. Something sweet and is healthy for them. And what's more fun than doing some crafting with them, we always have so much fun when it comes to doing halo crafts, look at what we have done this time.

We had so much fun making these and the kids loved being able to play with food, sort of speak. Juicy, seedless, and easy for everyone to peel Halo Mandarin Oranges are the perfect snack. 100% California grown and raised, they are absolutely Non-GMO Project verified. Great tasting all the time these little bite-size oranges pack a powerful punch of flavor.

Halo Mandarin Oranges are a favorite around our house. We love to eat them as a snack any time of day. Full of juicy flavor every little bite is huge on flavor. I love giving them to the kids. . Since they are so easy to peel, I don’t have to worry that they will have any trouble peeling them.  I feel confident that they are eating fresh fruits and not canned. Some of the canned fruit snack bowls are full of sugars. That is why I love serving them fresh fruit. I know they don’t have extra sugars and they also provide vitamin C.

Sharing this product and doing it as a family, we are making new memories and having fun doing it too. These are great tasting just the right taste of sweetness not like some that are just so sour. We love them, especially my nephew, he looks for them.

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