When it comes to beauty products, we try so many different ones till we find the one thats going to be the best for us. For me watching what I use because I tend to break out, I have sensitive skin. Recently I came across Cleopatras Beauty line and they have some awesome products and there is something for everyone.


For me I wanted a face cream, one that will leave my skin smooth and soft and not be too abrasive on my face, I tend to get these marks if I am not careful. With this it was perfect felt nice going on, not slimy like others I have used in the past. Has vitamin B3 thats good at fighting any fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne, the nutrients not only help fight these things, it leaves your skin looking great.

Let absorb 5 minutes before applying makeup, other ingredients include organic oils and butter. I have noticed a great difference in what and how my skin feels and looks. My fine lines are fewer and wrinkles. And my skin has never looked better, this is the best product I have used.


Donkey milk is our main ingredient because it contains so many vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids in just a tablespoon of milk. These essentials found within the milk are what beauty experts and even cosmetic scientists try to integrate into their products they use or formulate. For them to be able to ever achieve what donkey milk already contains naturally, they would have to use synthetic “bad” chemicals that are dangerous to your skin and the environment


Donkey Milk Hand and Body Lotion

This gentle, effective blend of nourishing ingredients in our lotions will leave your skin feeling moisturized, healthy, and calm. The light formula soaks into your skin within minutes with no greasy residue, and has a the mild scent of essential oils.

All lotions come in an airless pump bottle. This type of packaging not only ensures that you use every last drop of product, but it also preserves the integrity of the ingredients by preventing the vitamins and minerals from degrading due to contact with the air.

Now, what about our lips. you can keep them looking nice and smooth with one of their lip balms. Bring on the healing with this ultra-rich, oil-infused, natural lip balm. Choose menthol for a fresh, tingly sensation, strawberry for likable lips, lemon drop for lemon lovers or keep it simple with a flavorless balm. My nephew loves for me to put some on his lips, and he's happy. This balm is the best leaves my lips soft and smooth, no more chapped lips for me.



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