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When it comes to cooking, my sister is the one with Ray who prepares the meals. She hates anyone in her kitchen, and I really can not blame her. She is always trying new and different recipes out on us.  She has so many recipes on paper and I saw this FamilyCookbookProject.com, this is the perfect way she can save and store all those recipes and not lose them.

So simple to use, and doesn't take much time. Makes and prints your own cookbook filled with all of your recipes that, you love to make and more. Just imagine having a place to have all your recipes, all in a printed cookbook where you can pass them down for the future grandkids and more.


This is the perfect gift for her and handing it to her will be the best, she will have her recipes as well as our moms and grandmas and her mothers-in-law all together where she can remember them and not have to worry about misplacing them.

FamilyCookbookProject.com makes it easy to create a printed personal cookbook filled with your own recipes. Our program has helped thousands of individuals organize recipes by providing professionally designed covers and recipe layouts, automatically created table of contents, and index of recipes for beautifully printed cookbooks. Family Cookbooks help preserve family food traditions for future generations.

Premium Family Cookbook Membership with all the extras just $7.95 a month – or $29.95 a year  – or $99.95 for life (big savings!)

Take your time and pick out the recipes that are meaningful to you, and I know she loves to make certain recipes and she's got some that our Nanny use to make. that she wrote out herself.  Not to worry if you need help there is a help menu and everything is laid out simply so this should be easy, I have already added a couple of recipes I want, and I can't wait to get this all finished and printed so I can give it to her.

To start your go here


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