koala Mama koala by cloud b is the newest addition to the cuddly collection of soft, soothing, plush designed to help children sleep peacefully and calmly through the night. This koala is so soft and cuddly. The koala offers the ultimate in mommy comfort as she cuddles her own baby koala and lulls little ones to sleep with the soothing sounds of mothers heartbeat, spring showers, ocean waves, and whale songs. I know a lot of parents who use the sound machines. Now you have it built right into the koala. You can bring it wherever needed. No need to plug it in. It runs on 2 AA batteries. The detachable rattle is designed for little fingers to grab and hold during play time. koala1 Mama koala and hr baby feature a Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby's crib. It plays 23 minute and 45 minute songs by timer options to continually soothe baby with the calming sounds. This is a great gift for the coming holiday or for that mom to be. For more information click here. koala3

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