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Manger Advent Calendar/Toy

This Advent Calendar Is Also A Toy – It's The Ever Important Manger For Kids

My granddaughters adore anything that I bring them, but when I showed them a box from Playmobil, they flipped out.  They always know if it's from them it has to be amazing!  They're correct because they sent me their Advent Calendar – Christmas Manger and the girls loved playing with it.  Unfortunately, I had to let them open all of the days to show pictures but they didn't mind that at all.  On the back of the box you get each day's toy and it slowly builds the manger.  The toys are perfectly sized for little hands, which my 4-year-old granddaughter enjoyed thoroughly.

What better way to teach them the very important story of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  Of course, the baby Jesus is the last toy to put it all together!  Let's be honest, there's no manger setting without Him.  The kids played for 2 hours with that manger and the crazy thing is they didn't fight or argue at all.  This is the first time I've seen them share without at least a look.

This Advent Toy Opens Their Imaginations

As adults we know what the nativity manger looks like, we've seen enough of them growing up.  However, kids don't really have that in their memories so they get to make it look however they want to.  Instead of standing over them and making sure it's set up the traditional way, I encourage you to let their imaginations run wild.  If they want baby Jesus to ride the horse, then why not?

This kind of play gives kids confidence and teaches them to share.  The look of excitement as they opened each compartment was so awesome to see.  It feels so wonderful to watch them enjoy it.

Find It On Amazon

This Advent Calendar – Christmas Manger can be found on Amazon and includes 26 pieces in total.  The pieces are bright and vibrant colors which will keep kids' attention.  You get the manger with a star on top, a horse, camel, 3 wise men, and so many more.  They'll absolutely love playing with this.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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