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MantelMount – Best Seat in the House!

I have to tell you about a product that I am so excited about.  Literally, I heard about this product and instantly was enthralled.  I watch TV a lot.   Probably too much.  My DVR is chock full.  All different kinds of shows, they are all on there.  I also love my flat screen TV.  I would love to mount my TV on my wall but I can’t.  The only place it would fit on the wall I have to look up to watch it and that is not good for my neck, nor is it good when I want to lie down and watch TV.  I can literally only have it in one spot because the way the all the seating is in my living room the only way everyone can see it no matter where they are sitting is if it is in that one spot. 


Imagine how happy I was to hear about MantelMount.  Now I can hang my TV above my fireplace because MantelMount allows me to bring the TV down to eye level so I do not need to get a crick in my neck from looking up when I am sitting on the couch (and now I can lay on the couch because I can actually see the TV).  If I am sitting in my comfy chair with my blanket, I can also turn the TV towards me so I can see it better.  It does not matter where I sit now or in what position because MantelMount allows me to adjust the TV to where I can see it best.  The installation is easy and when I am done watching TV, it goes right back up and out of the way.  


I think the most ingenious feature of MantelMount is the fact that it has heat-sensing handles.  Since most of the fireplaces are situated where the TV would be best mounted above them and you are pulling it down, this is a feature that I appreciate, and am sure anyone would because let’s face it.  If you have a fire going and the TV is down, how do you know if it gets too hot?  Obviously if you are never going to adjust the television if you have a fire going it kind of defeats the purpose of having it.  It is meant to make your life easier and your neck less sore, not to have you looking up or positioned weird so you can see the television.  The handles turn red if the temperature above your fireplaces reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so  if it does turn red you can either raise the TV back up, or put out the fire.  It’s such a great thing not to have to worry in the back of my mind if I can actually have a nice fire going and watch the TV at the same time.  Now I can with no worry because of that feature.


You can find out more about MantelMount  Your neck will thank you, and so will anyone else watching the television in that one chair that never can see the TV very well!