Every mother deserves some me time, and what would yours be. I can remember my mom wanting to do nothing more than, take a nice hot bath and not be bothered. Sit in there and read her book, and if she had a place to put her cup of tea.

Well, moms can do just that now, with the Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk, use it while in the tub, or sit on your bed. The uses for this are endless. and it can hold a glass of wine and your laptop or Ipad with no issues. 

You deserve it! Hang a “do not disturb sign on your door”, and silence the world outside. From bath to bedtime this is the only Tray you need. Expands up to 42.5″ to fit any size tub and with height, adjustable foldable legs transforms easily to a bed tray for the ultimate comfort. Includes 2 removable side trays.

Light some candles, put some music, take your favorite book or I pad, a glass of wine and even drop in a bath bomb. This trusted Large Bathtub Tray can securely hold everything you need right at your fingertips.

For me I have been using it as a desk on the bed, keeping remotes and water close by.  Making myself nice and comfortable as I tackle the day's work.  Feel all stress and tension relieving and Look amazingly rejuvenated and glowing. Indulge yourself or surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed because life is about giving and being.

Working from home or need to put in extra hours? Don’t be stranded to a desk take your work with you to bed, sofa and even outdoors. You laptop will be safe from overheating and body free from neck and back pains.  Long hours of sitting at a desk would kill my back, now when I need to do more I just prop myself on the bed and use this table, with my laptop and I am ready for anything.

Nice to have something that , I can get so many uses out of. Not just for one thing I can use it as a tray, desk, in the bath and on the bed. Many great things I can use it for.

Head on over to Amazon and get yours.

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