These Expo Markers are just best and especially for teachers or anyone who writes a lot. It has an Ink Indicator so you know when it is low on ink. I like this so I am not constantly in the middle of writing and having my pen stop writing. That is always so frustrating to me. My children have given these pens to their favorite teachers and they have really enjoyed these pens.


The Elmer's and Ink Joy pens have a handwriting lesson plan that you can download and use as many times as you like or is needed. I know many teachers that would just love to get these pens along with the lesson plan. Especially teachers in the lower grades.


The Sharpie pens and case is a really neat thing to give a teacher. Now they have a place to put their pens and not worry about losing them. I know my kids really like pencil cases and all the different styles and colors and so do teachers. With so many other things to worry about worrying about losing your pens and or pencils should be the last thing that a teacher should need to worry about.

All these items are good for teachers but I bet students of all ages would greatly appreciate any and all of these pens for their studies. I know I will most likely be getting these pens for all three of my kids, especially my youngest, as he is taking art classes next school year. And my oldest and my girl are really good at taking notes in class and boy do they take lots of notes. I am sure we will be getting plenty of these items to make it through the school year. I may even buy extras so we don't have to worry quite so much about buying more when the time comes and they need more.






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