E-cigarettes have numerous advantages when compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine control is one of the benefits that vaping offers especially if you want to quit smoking or you are just beginning. E-cigs are available with different concentrations making it easy for consumers to choose their convenient concentration depending on their requirements.

Since the e-cigarette industry is growing, the government will definitely impose certain regulatory rules to control the business. When this happens, these businesses will face challenges and financial pressures which might affect their entire business. Therefore, e-cigarette shops should not rely on existing demand only because there are other means of marketing their product.


Vibleo is one of the leading e-liquid marketplaces that sells its products online and it has remained successful and profitable for a long period of time by using the following ways to increase the sale:

1. Train your staff about the products and customer service

The first thing you should do is train your staff about the products you are selling. The people you are working with should know about the latest vaporizer products on the market, their benefits, cost and how they are prepared or consumed. It is impossible for a staff to convince a customer to buy a certain product when he or she does not know anything about the product. Your staff may not know about vaping products by the time you hire them but you need to provide in-depth training to help them understand more about the products you are selling. In fact, if you have a specific e-cigarette product that is selling really well, your employers should market it to have a higher profit.


There are numerous training platforms that you can use to train your employees. You can use instructional manuals, training videos or even through an on-site demonstration using the latest products from your suppliers. Finally, your employees should provide effective customer service. Your staff will serve customers who have different personalities and knowledge about vaping products. Some of your customers will be novices while others will be experts and understand a lot about e-cig products. It is important to train your staff to be patient, supportive, attentive and helpful to the customers. It’s guaranteed that with effective customer service the customers will come back and even recommend your shop to other e-cig users thus boosting your sales.

2. Use SMS text messaging

Your main objective is to maintain the customers you already have and get more new customers to increase your sales. SMS text messaging is an ideal way to retain customers and support a long-term loyalty. You just need to persuade your clients to subscribe to sign-up for your messaging after they’ve bought your products. You will have a list of subscribers whom you will contact frequently using your messaging services when you have new products, discounts or when advertising upcoming sales. However, if you would like to maintain your subscribers and their loyalty to your vaping shop, your information should be accurate, detailed and relevant. Most customers will respond to messages which match their interests. In fact, your loyal customers may forward the messages to friends and other users promoting your vaping products.

3. Use reward systems

Reward systems are mainly used to reward loyal customers by offering them special perks. If you have a vaping shop, you can increase the sale of your products by rewarding your loyal customers. Since it costs more to get new customers, you should focus on retaining your loyal customers. You need to understand that majority of consumers prefer receiving small rewards on a regular basis rather than a one-time reward which takes a long period of time to come. Therefore, offer perks to your consumers with small rewards such as a 5% offer for every purchase they make. Using a reward system, you will not only increase your sales but also learn about valuable insights about your customers’ habits such as the brand they prefer, how they spend, what they like etc.

4. Offer on-site product demonstration

Offering on-site demos to your consumers build interests in products to generate more sales. You should promote and set demonstrations whenever you bring a new product to your shop to encourage consumers to buy and use the product. On the other hand, on-site demos are essential to consumers who have never used the product. You will help them understand more about the products you are selling, how to use them, their benefits, what they should and shouldn’t do and the wide variety of options to choose from. You can be certain that with such customer service, your consumers will be loyal to your shop.


In a nutshell, after you’ve brought customers to your vape store, you need to make an effort to retain those customers. As a businessman, one of the main objectives is to make a profit and to be successful. This is only possible when you offer effective customer service and try to maintain your customer base through a reward system, SMS messaging and offering on-site demonstrations of the vaping products you are selling.

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