When I first started using a computer, they were just the basic bulky white keyboards that clicked every time you type.  With the advancements in technology, it is no wonder that keyboards have changed to meet the demanding requirements of gamers and advanced users.  Keyboards have come a long way from the boring standard keyboards of yesteryear.  The old keyboards had to be plugged in with PS2 ports, but now they use USB ports and are plug n’ play compatible.  Masione has proven that no longer do keyboards have to be bulky or boring.


The Masione half-mechanical multi-color gaming keyboard provides advanced features without the premium price tag.  The most important features of this keyboard is the rating for over 10 million keyboard strokes which gives it a great life span.  The key caps are made of strong ABS plastic makes sure that the keyboard can handle the rigorous stress that gaming can put on it.  In addition, it is waterproof with built in drain holes.  This makes it so if you knock over your drink you won’t need to go buy a new keyboard.


masione led keyboard

With gaming, there is often complex key combinations that one needs to hit to play effectively.  The Masione keyboard allows you to press 19 keys simultaneously.  To ensure that you don’t miss the key by the keyboard moving, the bottom has material that will prevent slippage. The keys are backlight with seven different colors and three levels of brightness to make it easier to type at night that can be changed by simply pressing Fn + scroll lock at the same time.  The letters on the keyboard are opaque so the light will shine through the keys and you can tell where each key is.  There are also 12 multimedia keys that can be used to control multi-media and music. You can purchase this keyboard on Amazon. This would make the perfect gift for any gamer anytime of the year.


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