Master Lock personal safe is the ultimate solution for people on the go. The secure, reliable product give users the freedom of always knowing that their MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses and other small valuables are well protected everywhere. So now when we have a family vacation, we can leave all of things in the safe and sound.

The safe locks, plus we can lock it to things with the built-in cable, so we can carry with us or leave it secured to something (table, chair, tree, fence). We keep it in our car, so we always have it with us and use it everywhere.It is a perfect size: large enough to hold what we need (phones,camera,CC,cash,keys,kid's DS), but small enough to easily take the safe with us. It is water resistant, so when we are outside, we don't have to worry about ruining our expensive phones and DS. We are loving this and plan to take it with us when we go away this May.


Portable Key safe provides secure storage of keys or access card, Convenient push button locking mechanism in familiar alpha/numeric telephone keypad format. You can lock your front door and hang this from it, or any other door you want to use it with. Set your own combination using up to 12 letters, numbers or both. Protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming


Master Lock has joined together with TSA and Travel Sentry™ to use the special Travel Sentry™ mark on luggage locks that meet the requirements of the TSA. Airline check-in staff are trained to recognize the Travel Sentry™ mark, so they understand that baggage with this special mark is permitted to remain locked. The TSA screeners have access to special tools that allow them to open TSA-accepted locks in the event that your bags must be opened for inspection.

Airport security professionals no longer need to cut your locks or force your bag open and risk damaging it. They simply open your locks, inspect, and relock your bags, sending them quickly and securely on their way.

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