Feeling like a Chef

I like feeling capable of doing anything. I most especially like feeling like I am a top chef. Putting ingredients together and cooking for my family is a lot of fun for me. The best way to cook for my family is when I have the right cooking supplies that will make my food turn out so good. Well the company, MasterPan, has grill pans that do that for me. I love how there are ribbed lines on the pans that mimics the lines on barbecue. For me it gives my food that great charred flavor.

Ribbed Grill

One of my favorite products from MasterPan is the heavy duty gill pan. It is a cast aluminum pan measuring eleven by eleven inches. The ribbed lines on it give my BBQ the grill marks I want and the pan form allows the grease and fat from my meats to drip below those grill ribs. I love the steel handle, because I can easily move and shake my pan as I need. It allows for safe maneuvering. The pan is also non stick and stain resistant. It has a coat of Xylan Plus which helps cooked debris from sticking onto it. That makes life much easier for me when I am cleaning up. I don’t have to worry about ruining the pan, because I can throw it in the dishwasher. Hot water is all you need to clean it up. I don’t have to worry about seasoning the pan for extra protection. If I want to bake something on the pan, I can also throw it in my oven. It will withstand three-hundred and fifty degrees. I like cooking tilapia on my pan with some lemon and salt. Then I bake it in the oven to get that perfect juicy flavor.



My next favorite from MasterPan is the two section non stick cast  aluminum skillet. It is also eleven by eleven inches. The great thing I love about it, is that all you need is this pan to cook one full meal. It is divided into two compartments. One side has the ribbed grill feature that I enjoy using. The other side is flat. It is perfect to grill meats and fish while frying eggs on the flat side. I use it in the morning to heat pancakes for my kids and grill sausages on the other.  The heat flow is amazing on these pans. I can expect the food to cook evenly. I feel safe using my pans, because they are lead and heavy metal free. These pans make me feel like I am a top chef. Anyone can use them!

Glass Lid

It is such a relief that MasterPan actually has a tempered glass lid that will fit any eleven by eleven inch pans. At times, I want to cover the food I am cooking on my grill pan or on my two sectional skillet. The glass lid from MasterPan fits both these pans. It helps me when I am needing a faster cook time, a steam vent, or just to cover the food from splattering and outside elements. It’s perfect, because it has a silicone rim which makes a tight seal on the edge of the pans. It also has an easy grip handle that keeps a secure hold. There is a steam vent hole as well. This lid is also dishwasher safe and has a promise for lifetime guarantee. MasterPan has such innovative cookware! I feel like every kitchen should own some of these.

Three Section Non Stick Skillet

There is also a three section non stick skillet! This is perfect for the eggs, pancakes, and sausage. Cooking three different things in one pan is amazing as it saves time and clean-up.

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