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Now that it’s getting colder it’s time to start gathering warm supplies to cover your family up, especially your little baby. Car seat covers work wonders in providing warmth and safety from the sharp frost of the wind. When my baby was little we used a very expensive name brand cover but it was just as doable to go with something alternative. I love the brand by Material Jill. This is a soft, goods-design studio that creates these cover cuties.

Just Adorable Covers

These are baby car seat cover costumes. They have an adorable collection. There is the mad hatter, pirate, princess, fairy, and the Frankenstein’s monster. The Frankenstein’s monster is perfect since Halloween is already next month. The weather is beautiful and everyone is getting excited thinking about how they  want to dress up for Halloween and how they want to decorate.

cutie 2

It is such a fun idea to create a car seat representative of Halloween. I remember taking hundreds of pictures of my little one in their outfits and accessories. Being inside the carseat with their cute little face peeking out of their adorable car seat cover will make for more fun photo ops. The Frankenstein’s monster features a very fun and comical view of the monster. It is not scary at all. The bolts are actually three dimensional and pop out of the artwork giving it a super cool look. The bolts are plush and the quality of the fabric use for the car seat is a really great sturdy quality. The embroidery work is top notch and very professional. 

I love how the cover fits well onto my friend’s car seat. I got her the Frankenstein monster one for her newborn baby boy! The car seat is blanket style and holds the warmth in, so the baby doesn’t freeze as you travel from the parking lot into the store or restaurant and into your home. Her baby looks so cute peeking out in this fun costume. Who doesn’t love Halloween and dressing up? This is such a fun gift!

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